About us

Friends of James is the local men’s soccer tournament, which brings together more than 25 teams from different cities in the province of Quebec on the same playing field. The first tournament was held in the summer of 2008 with such success, that year after year it has become a sports integration that brings together passionate players from all over the world.
The current official name is “Friends of James” in honor of the Colombian soccer player who plays as a midfielder at Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga of Germany, loaned by Real Madrid Club de Fútbol and is international with the Colombian national team.
The tournament takes place in the León Gravel park in Brossard on June 9 and this year is its 10th edition. Among the winners are:


  • 2017  Chapecoense
  • 2016 L’equipoule
  • 2015 Hustle Gang
  • 2014 L’equipoule
  • 2013 Amigos de salo
  • 2012 Dimaria y sus amigos
  • 2011 Visca barca