Rules and Regulations for the Champions League South Shore Soccer Tournament

l. Playground ·
• The tournament will take place at the Lionel Gravel parade with natural grass, the legal marcation and there will be no off-side.

2. Soccer balls
• They will be provided by the tournament
• Replacing or changing a soccer ball during the match should not be done without
the referee’s approval

3. Number of players
• A match will consist of two teams. Each equlpe must have a maximum of 7 players in the field of which one will have to remain as goalkeeper. Each team will have the right to start the match with a minimum of 5 players and will be able to complete their equlpe as the match progresses.
Under the referee’s permission, each team will be allowed to make an unlimited number of player changes once the game begins. Also, substitute players will be able to return to the field at any
moment (again, under the authorization of the referee).

4. Players’ clothing regulations
• Basic player equipment includes a t-shirt with sleeves, short pants (maximum knee), socks and shoes. For security reasons, shin guards are mandatory.
• Players under referee’s recommendation must not wear any dangerous object for themselves or for others (eg jewelery)

5. Referee
• It is best to respect each of the referee’s decisions throughout the match. his skills in the performance of his duties will begin once the match begins and they will finish once
that the match ends.
• In addition, he will apply the rules that will allow him not to support more than one team at another. He will have the absolute power to make decisions outside this reqlernent according to his experiences. In exceptional cases, the last word will be returned to the tournament organizers.

6. Duration of the match
• The match time will be divided into two times equal to 20 minutes with a 10 minute break in the middle of the match.

7. Beginning and restarting the game
• Branded goals
• Fouls and incorrectness
• Free kick
• Penalties and its launch
• Touch
• Yellow and red cards
• Each of these topics will be executed according to the referee’s criteria based on the international soccer regulations 7 and its application based on their experience.

8. Sanctions
• Two yellow cards will be the equivalent of a red card. At this point, the player will have to give up the field.
• If a player with a red card wants to play again in the next match, they will have to pay $ 10.
Otherwise, he will not be allowed to play until the second match after obtaining the red card.